About CustoMix

The founders of CUSTOMIX, Jayson and Ben, ran track in high school – a time when coaches recommended PB&J sandwiches over nutritional supplements and superior diet plans. On occasion, Jayson and Ben would walk into nutritional supplement shops in their hometown near Austin, Texas. They were amazed by the smell and unique marketing of the products, but had no idea what to take. After hours of research, they bought a variety of bulk powders and mixed them together. The taste was nothing to brag about, but their mixtures truly fit their nutritional needs as runners.

After a baseball career, two business ventures, and law school, Jayson and Ben went back to the drawing board on the activity-based mixtures they had continued to create over a span of ten years. Through a research-intensive process, the founders worked with professors from Texas A&M University and a talented nutritionist from southern California to create the best activity-based formulas for running, yoga, and cycling (indoor and outdoor). The result is a line of products that are built to support your lifestyle that taste amazing!