Frequently Asked Questions

What is activity-based nutrition?

Activity-based nutrition is a diet based on the activity at which you want your body to perform best. For example, if you are a runner, or want to be a runner, RunnerMix is the best recovery supplement shake for support a body that depletes a variety of nutrient reserves, engages in cardiovascular work, muscle conditioning, and endures repetitive impact.

Are the mixes the same?

No. The mixes are often completely different and formulated by examining the specific activity in which your body most frequently engages. So, each mix is highly focused on the body’s needs after a certain activity.

When should I drink my mix?

CUSTOMIX mixes are made for recovery, but can be enjoyed 30 minutes before your activity or any other time during the day or evening. Each mix should be consumed on off-days as well to continuously supply your body with the mix that supports your active lifestyle.

Are the mixes liquid or powder?

Each mix is a powder, pre-filled in single serving bottles. Simply untwist the cap, pour water, milk, soy milk, almond milk, or cashew milk into the bottle, shake thoroughly, and enjoy. Finish your recovery routine by re-filling the bottle with water at least once to maintain hydration. You can keep the bottle to fill with water throughout the day or throw it away.